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Small businesses financed nationwide


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  • Stroke 1 Created with Sketch. Multiple products offered on each submission
  • Stroke 1 Created with Sketch. High commission potential
  • Stroke 1 Created with Sketch. Build residual income
  • Stroke 1 Created with Sketch. Streamlined submission and approval process
  • Stroke 1 Created with Sketch. Robust reporting and analytics suite
  • Stroke 1 Created with Sketch. Dedicated account manager – 24/7 support
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Products offered

Small Business Term Loan

Business Line Of Credit

Bridge Capital

Equipment Financing

Invoice Financing

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Maximize your commission potential

SBG is your one-stop shop for all your client’s business financing needs. Our product suite allows you to find the right product for each individual client while maximizing your commission potential.

By fitting your client with the right product, you’ll stop hearing no and start hearing yes!

Grow your business with SBG Funding

SBG Funding offers a variety of products to service all of your customer needs. Maximize commission potential and take advantage of cross selling opportunities on our platform.


Seamless Integration

Easily submit clients through email, portal, or API connection


Manage Your Deal Pipeline

Track sales funnel in real time


Track Portfolio Performance

Create a steady stream of residual income!

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